There is a kind of flame in Crete – let us call it “soul” – something more powerful than either life or death. There is pride, obstinacy, valor, and together with these something else inexpressible and imponderable, something which makes you rejoice that you are human being, and at the same time tremble. (Report to Greco)
― N. Kazantzakis

With its golden beaches, crystal clear sea and great weather, Crete is a natural and desirable travel destination. But let’s face the true, even places like this need sometimes an extra help to promote themselves.

Meanwhile in Crete is a place dedicated to Crete and all those amazing people who live on the island.

With platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram we want to show to the world how wonderful Crete is.

To succeed in this, we have to all work together.
Please share, like, and invite your friends to our social media and let’s make Crete famous like never before!









Hi! My name is Katerina Kubielas and I am a the founder and creator of this page. Born and raised in Poland, moved to Greece over 10 years ago. Living in Heraklio since 2016. Please contact me with any questions or concerns at katerinakubielas@outlook.com. 

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  1. Good work Katerina.


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